1. Vision:
SeaTravel Boat Company stands at the forefront of eco-friendly sea travel, combining marine exploration with a robust commitment to safeguarding our oceans for generations ahead.

2. Objectives:

  • Embrace a minimal carbon footprint through cutting-edge technologies and sustainable practices.
  • Uphold a “no landfall” approach in unspoiled regions, curtailing human impact.
  • Pledge to marine cleanliness through holistic waste management and judicious boat operation.

3. Actions:

  • No Landfall Commitment: Design tours that circumvent landing, treasuring and preserving undisturbed marine landscapes.
  • Sustainable Beverages Policy: Prioritize beverages in vegan cups, ensuring a plastic-free onboard environment.
  • Digital-Only Ticketing: Fully transition to a digital ticketing system, eradicating paper use and minimizing environmental impact.
  • Current-Smart Sailing: Plan voyages to harness the power of currents, maximizing fuel efficiency and curbing CO2 emissions.
  • Educational Storytelling: On every tour, integrate stories that inform guests about our environmental policy, and share insights on collaborative eco-initiatives we support.
  • Commit to transitioning to electric engines as soon as low consumption, efficient options are available, marking a pivotal shift towards sustainable propulsion.
  • Cap our sailing speed at an average of 10 knots, reinforcing our dedication to reduced emissions.
  • Introduce energy-efficient engines while continuously exploring the horizon for sustainable fuel innovations.
  • Advocate for onboard waste segregation, with a keen focus on recycling and efficient disposal methods.
  • Partner actively with environmental organizations, driving the momentum for marine conservation initiatives.
  • Evaluate and continually refine our environmental performance, aiming for unparalleled standards.

4. Responsibility:

  • From our executive board to our dedicated crew, every SeaTravel member is entrusted with the mission of actualizing and amplifying this policy.
  • Our appointed environmental officer will vigilantly oversee adherence, delivering frequent updates to the leadership.

5. Review:

  • To ensure we always sail ahead of the curve, this policy will be meticulously reviewed and updated annually, mirroring the latest in sustainable strategies and tech advancements.