From the quaint harbor of Sørvágur to the iconic landscapes surrounding Torshavn, Seatravel ushers you into a world where every journey is a palette of ever-changing weather patterns, painting each trip with a unique brush stroke of nature. Offering year-round boat tours that defy the unpredictability of Faroe Islands weather, Seatravel invites adventurers to explore the islands’ all-season charm with intimate, small-group tours accommodating up to 12 people.

Unpredictable Weather: A Boon for Explorers

While some might see the unpredictable weather of the Faroe Islands as a challenge, we at Seatravel view it as a golden opportunity, a chance to experience the islands in a spectrum of moods and colors. Sørvágur, being located along a long fjord, presents a haven for boat tours throughout the year, shielding travelers from harsh weather conditions and offering a calm refuge where you can enjoy nature’s dramatic show from a safe distance.

Year-Round Discoveries with Seatravel

Sightseeing Tours

Our sightseeing tours take you to iconic destinations such as Drangarnar, Tindhólmur, and the breathtaking Múlafossur waterfall. These natural wonders present a different facet of their beauty with each changing season, offering a fresh and unique perspective on every visit. In the winters, witness the majestic waterfall against a backdrop of snowy peaks, while the spring sees it amidst vibrant greenery, providing a refreshing view.


The journey to Mykines is a feast for the senses throughout the year. From a summer paradise for puffins to the wildflower blooms in the spring and the serene snowscapes in the winter, Mykines is a living canvas that changes its hues with the seasons.

Fishing Tours

For the angling enthusiasts, our fishing tours from both Sørvágur and Torshavn offer an exhilarating experience. The nutrient-rich waters of the Faroe Islands are home to a diverse marine life, promising a rewarding fishing excursion regardless of the season. Within just 15 minutes from Torshavn, find yourself in premium fishing spots, ready to cast your line in the prolific fishing grounds.

Small Groups, Grand Adventures

Seatravel takes pride in offering intimate adventures where every individual is given personal attention. Our boats accommodate up to 12 people, creating a cosy and friendly atmosphere that fosters connection and camaraderie. Whether you are bonding with family, friends, or meeting new acquaintances, the small group setting ensures a fulfilling and harmonious journey as you navigate through the Faroe Islands’ picturesque landscapes.

All Seasons, One Unforgettable Experience

Whether it is the autumn mist delicately enveloping the cliffs of Tindhólmur or the summer sun glistening on the waves as you set off from Sørvágur, every Seatravel expedition promises an unforgettable experience.

Safety and Comfort

Safety is our utmost priority, and our experienced crew is adept at navigating through the shifting weather patterns, ensuring a comfortable and secure journey. Our vessels are equipped with all the necessary amenities to keep you warm and cozy, as you witness the ever-changing theatrical display of Faroe Islands weather.

Embrace the Unpredictable

We invite you to embrace the unpredictable weather of the Faroe Islands, to find joy in the sudden burst of sunshine or the mysterious allure of a foggy landscape. With Seatravel, every journey is a unique story, a distinct painting created with the ever-changing weather brushes, etching memories that are as unforgettable as they are unpredictable.

Join us on a Seatravel adventure, where every season brings a new wonder, and every journey is a pathway to discovering the endless beauty of the Faroe Islands. Book your all-season tour today and become a part of the Faroe Islands’ ever-changing canvas with Seatravel.